Urine Dipstick 3-Level Controls

برای قیمت تماس بگیرید

Quality control is an important part of quality assurance and is an absolute necessity for clinical laboratories. In quality control, the following points should be considered for urine analysis:

  1. Being aware of the daily frequency of positive results
  2. Detection of inconsistent internal results in the patient sample and follow-up of incorrect sample collection or unusual sample.
  3. Using quality control materials to mimic abnormal urine samples

Multi-component controls of the AP-RAD Company are recommended for validating the performance of chemical tests at three distinct levels for routine clinical laboratories.

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Advantages and applications:

  • No need of initial preparation
  • The evaluated range is provided for 13 parameters
  • Can be stored for 12 months at -20° C
  • Easy and optimized usage instructions
  • Competitive in quality and price with top brands
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