Dear applicant,

To flourish your creativity and abilities, there is every opportunity for you to join AmirPayvand Research & Development Company. Due to the wide range of activities of this company, graduates and specialists in the field of basic medical and diagnostic laboratory sciences can apply their knowledge and perseverance in the dynamic environment of AmirPayvand. Therefore, please complete the information completely and accurately.

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Educational Records

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Work Experience

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When you submit your request for cooperation to AmirPayvand Research & Development Company, your request and resume will be reviewed in the Human Resources Unit of AmirPayvand Company, in compliance with confidentiality. Then, the Human Resources Unit will recruit and hold face-to-face interviews with you in accordance with your background and abilities and in line with the company’s job requirements. This process will take about seven to ten working days. The company’s human resources department may initially approve your resume skills, but a specific job position at that time may not be recognized for you at AmirPayvand.

Therefore, your request will be kept in the archives of AmirPayvand Company for six months and you will be contacted at better opportunities and invited to cooperate.

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