According to the Computer Crimes Law, the website of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company accepts the deal to protect the information of users with all the facilities at its disposal and in no way provide this information to other organizations and centers for advertising or other services.

We have also made it possible for our users to edit their information if they are members of the AmirPayvand Research & Development Company’s website, or if requested to delete their user by sending a request to the support team, this will be possible for them, too.

What information do we collect from users and why?

When you visit the site, we record the information such as how many times you visit the site, how long you have been on the site, the browser version, the device with which you view the site, your geographical area and other technical information that help us to optimize and review site traffic. This information will not be sold to third parties in any way and will only be used to improve the site of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company.

When visitors send comments to the site, we collect data from the user when they leave comments, such as email address, IP address (Internet Protocol address), comment time, and also if your email address is stored in the service provided by Gravatar. If your comment is approved, your user image will be displayed on this site.

See the privacy policy page of users in Gravatar:

If you place an image on one of the services provided on the site of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company, you should note that this image does not contain data on a specific location (EXIF GPS). Other visitors can extract the location of these images after saving the image.


After sharing your opinion on the website, you can decide whether to save your name, email address and website in cookies. You have the right to choose, but if you accept cookie storage, you will not need to fill out the information form on your next visit to the website to share your comments. The cookies stay on the website for 1 year.

If you have an account on the website and log in to the web with it, we will set up a temporary cookie for you to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal or private data and will stop when you close your browser.

After you log in to your website account, several cookies will be installed and set up to store your login information and the choices made on the website page. The input cookies are active for 7 days and the information for selecting the pages you have will be available for 1 year. If you select “Remember Me”, you will be logged in within the next 2 weeks without having to re-enter your username and password. Login cookies will be deleted if you log out of your account.

The website of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company uses these cookies only to create a better user experience for its visitors and no advertising use of these cookies will be considered.

Content and resources used from another site

Articles and contents of the site of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company may include different sources (video, image, text, etc.). If content from another site is placed in AmirPayvand Research & Development Company, it will be published in the same format and form as seen on that site. These websites may receive user information, and to view these items, it is best to refer to the privacy policy of the users of these sites before using them.

How long do we keep your information?

If you share your opinion on our website, its meta views and data will be kept and stored indefinitely. In this case, it is possible to follow the comments automatically and there is no need to keep the comments pending review.

Users who register on our website also retain and store their user information. All users can view, edit, or delete their personal information whenever they want. (You just can’t change the username). Website administrators can also view and edit this information.

Visitor views may be reviewed through an automatic spam detection service.


Advertising companies from which we receive ads may send cookies to users who send you information such as the number of times your ad is displayed, your location, which is to improve your ad display. The site of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company does not cooperate with unreliable advertising companies that receive additional information from users.

What are your rights to your data?

If you own an account on this website, or share an opinion, you have the right to request your personal data file – that is, the data we receive and store from you. This data includes anything left on the website. You also have the right to request that all your personal data be deleted. Of course, this data does not include what we have for management, legal and security purposes.

Changes in user privacy policy

Although the changes in this matter are very rare, but it is possible. Due the changes in the site privacy, your accesses may change. All of these cahnges will be added on this page and your use of this website is considered as an acceptance of the rules. If you have any questions or ambiguities about the above information, you can let us know so that all your questions can be answered.

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