Quality Policy of AmirPayvand Company

AmirPayvand Research & Development Company has been established as a manufacturing company in the filed of of diagnostic reagents, kits and consumables products for medical, research and training diagnostic laboratories. In order to obtain satisfaction and meet the expectations and needs of customers, constantly strives to improve products and production processes on the one hand. And the production and timely delivery of flawless products will be undertaken by the other party.
All clauses in this policy will be explained, discussed and explained to all employees and will be considered as part of the new staff recruitment guidelines. This policy has been installed in writing in all public places of the company and in a way that is accessible to all employees.
All the initial goals of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company are explained in this policy, examined and include the following:

Manufacture and timely delivery of products:
Timely production and delivery of products enables customers to meet and plan their commitments. Production and timely delivery of products by AmirPayvand Research & Development Company in order to support customers and will be mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

Intact production and delivery of products:
Flawless production and delivery of products is very costly. Some of the costs are: extensive quality control process, hiring qualified and qualified management and principled management.

All objectives related to this section will be reviewed annually and revised if necessary.
This policy has been prepared and approved by the CEO of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company.
The CEO and all employees of AmirPayvand Research & Development Company are committed to their responsibility in implementing and maintaining a quality management system in accordance with all Standards, contracts and regulations in Iran and requirements related to ISO 13485: 2016.

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