SARS-CoV2 Sample Controls

برای قیمت تماس بگیرید

SARS-CoV2 Sample Controls AmirPayvand Research & Development Company is designed to regulate and control (internal-external) molecular and clinical diagnostic laboratories that perform or intend to perform CoVID-19 RT-PCR. The product can also be used by companies manufacturing molecular extraction kits and final product control. Positive controls for SARS-CoV2 from known, confirmed, and inactivated samples obtained from nasopharyngeal swabs in the virus transmission medium.

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Advantages and applications:

  • Ability to control the whole process of CoVID-19 molecular detection test including extraction step, RT (cDNA synthesis), and PCR step
  • Can be used as the internal quality control program of Molecular Detection sections of CoVID-١٩
  • Can be used as an external quality control program according to stability and shipping conditions
  • Ability to evaluate domestic and overseas CoVID-19 RT-PCR kits
  • Lyophilized and stable
  • Has 3 ranges with a certain amount of Ct
  • Inactivated virus (in two ways)

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