AmirPayvand Company Charter of Values

Since the main mission of any company is to provide services or products to our customers, AmirPayvand Research & Development Company with this approach has established its rules at four levels: ‌ Customer, company, community and environment and always in line with the realization of its values.

The first level is the customer, which means that our customers are our senior managers, the company’s rules will be followed, and their demands will be met. Honesty with the customer is the first step in honoring the position of the customer, in which the personnel of AmirPayvand Company are obliged to put moral principles, including honesty, at the forefront of their speech.

Respect for the rights of the customer is always prior to the rights of the company and its staff, and in equal conditions, the rights of the customer will be the priority of the behavior and decisions of the staff. Valuing the customer’s time means that the customer’s needs must be met in the shortest possible time. In this regard, AmirPayvand Company has used the entire necessary infrastructure to achieve this and this effort will always continue.

Goodwill and respect for the client in the true sense of the word and in practice is one of the basic training of personnel that is implemented from the lowest level to senior managers. Efforts to satisfy customers within the framework of legal and ethical standards are the last component of customer orientation principles and generally oblige personnel to use all their tools and powers without the need for a letter section or pre-determined rules to satisfy customers.

The second level is the company, which means that the staff are responsible for achieving the company’s goals and are obliged to comply with the rules. Responsibility must be institutionalized in the culture of each member, and this will be achieved through practice. Thinking, innovation and up-to-date are the duties of personnel and we are obliged to adapt to the conditions of the time to better understand the needs of the customer. Friendly and intimate relationships are one of the basic principles in hiring Amir’s personnel, and all members must be diligent in maintaining this culture. Teamwork must take precedence over individual tasks.

Efforts to progress and excel in the kit manufacturing industry and laboratory solutions and quality control as an ideal and goal have shown us the way to try to achieve it is a permanent behavior.

The third level is the society, which means that we are responsible for our society and it will not be possible to reform any society except by reforming all individuals and its components. Efforts for entrepreneurship and employment will be achieved when the company’s goals are achieved correctly and the company’s progress is always upward. In this case, it will be possible to create more jobs and benefit for more people.

It is our duty to promote the health of the community, and in this regard, we try to select products and market them to achieve this goal.

The fourth level is the environment, because environmental protection is the most important human need in today’s world and every human being is obliged to take steps in this direction according to his ability. Using non-paper advertising is the first and simplest thing that any organization or institution does. It can execute it and eventually lead to less paper use. AmirPayvand Research & Development Company is proud to present its advertisements in cyberspace and electronically, and the catalogs will be sent by e-mail and PDF file. Introducing environmentally friendly products means that one of the indicators to consider when choosing a product that we offer to the market is the compatibility of that device or device with the environment. Otherwise, its supply and sale will be prevented. Our staff and managers always consider saving money in order to optimally use the national resources and resources of the company.

Efforts to make work processes electronic are part of our work progress, and we try to eliminate and refer to all stages of ordering and delivery of goods, as well as existing administrative matters, in person and electronically.

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